Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Dreaded Model's Block

The Dreaded Models' Block 
(Insert from book to be released on amazon.com february of 2012)

If it's our first shoot or our millionth, it can happen to any of
us. When Model block strikes, things can get awkward quickly.
Throughout the years, I've devised a bit of a strategy to keep the
poses flowing.

The first thing any model should do is find at least twenty-one
poses that flatter his/her individual body. You should know a
minimum of seven standing, seven sitting and seven lying. I
repeat...this is the minimum! Of course the more poses you can sift
through in a row (without instruction from the photographer) the
more experienced you will look. 

  • Remember that even subtle changes to a pose can create an entirely different look and feel to the image, as shown in the photo above.
Once you have several poses logged into your memory, next you will
want to work on facial expressions. You should have no less than
seven of these too. If you are having trouble here, write a list of
every emotion you can think of and try to silently express them in
a mirror. 

Not all of them will look attractive but that's not what
we are concerned with, at first. All that matters is if they look
100% believable. Circle the emotions on your list that do look
believable. The next step is to make sure any of the happy emotions
that you circled do make you look good. You should light up a bit
when you make those facial expressions......

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